Tips for Selling a Vacant Home

Selling a Vacant Home

If you decide that selling a vacant home is the way you really need to go, please take advantage of a few of these tips.

Some buyers enjoy seeing a spotless and blank slate, there are also those who prefer the exact opposite. Some buyers desire to look at how furniture should be placed in a room. The current furniture placement helps them to place their furniture, thereby helping to create a sense of being home in their mind. There can easily be an emotional connection with how a home is actually presented.

Part of the appeal of a home is its warmth and coziness. But when absolutely no one is living there, a home will have a tendency to look hollow and empty. You can always hire someone to stage the home using props, but that is an extra cost that you may not really want to incur. Surprisingly, vacant homes have a tendency to feel smaller.

Selling a Vacant Home Tips:Vacant homes might require special insurance

Selling a Vacant Home Tips:Vacant homes can attract crime.

  • Let your neighbors and friends know you are selling and are no longer there. A few extra sets of eyes can help to mitigate negative events.
  • Take extra precautions and install good locks preferably with dead bolts.
  • It is also an excellent plan to have some lights on timers to help make the home look occupied.
  • Make an effort to keep the home seasonable cool or warm if feasible. The temperature does not mean as substantially as the humidity. Moisture is definitely bad for real estate, make sure the HVAC runs enough to take the humidity out or put dehumidifiers in the home.
  • You might also desire to consider installing a security system.Another option is to install home monitoring equipment that allows you to view the interior and exterior remotely.

Also, continue to maintain up the exterior of your home. You do not want to home to appear unmaintained. Not only from a selling perspective but also from attracting crime and vandals.

Thinking of buying or selling? We would love to sit down and discuss your options.

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