Hire a buyer’s agent?

Should you hire a buyer’s agent? If you’re in the market, enlisting a buyer’s agent can be one of the smartest decisions you.

Should you hire a buyer’s agent? If you’re in the market, enlisting a buyer’s agent can be one of the smartest decisions you make.

Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent? Your choice of an Agent is crucial.

  • Is my buyer’s agent part time or full time? Many Part-time agents are committed to doing a fine job, but if the house of your dreams pops up or you encounter last-minute closing issues, will they be at their other job?.
  • How experienced is my buyer’s agent?
  • What neighborhoods does my buyer’s agent specialize in?
  • What is my buyer’s agents schedule and availability?

Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent? Real Estate is a very local thing.

• Local knowledge is the key to a successful transaction.
• Are you from out of town. While you may be an expert in one region. the laws and practices vary from region to region.
• Are you a first-time buyer? When doing something you are new at, it is an optimal time to get expert assistance.
• Has it been a long time since you bought or sold? I would leverage someone to make sure you have not forgot the important lessons.

Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent? To help find the right property.

You can search the MLS yourself via Zillow,  Trulia, and Realtor.com

  • Can you trust the information?  Zillow and  Trulia are notoriously out of date. They are populated from a feed via the MLS. The most accurate source of information is from the MLS before it gets syndicated. Also, your information is being sold to other agents.
  • Do you understand what you are searching for?
  • Do you know what the listing agent is telling other agents in the confidential comments?


How often do you get a beneficial service that does not cost you extra money?

The seller pays the Brokers’ commissions, not the Buyer.

Why hire a Buyer’s Agent? Get help negotiating the offer.

  • All Sales contract provisions are negotiable.
  • The cost to purchase an asset is more than just the purchase price on the contract.
  • Do you know how to get the best price? What would the best price even be?
  • Getting the best terms is important to protect yourself in the transaction. The price is one of many important factors in a transaction
  • Inspections? Title Agents, surveys. Who do I hire? Who pays for it?
  • Knowing your competition is a key factor.
  • Do you understand what is customary in the marketplace?
  • Are you aware of which side pays what costs?
  • Ensuring that your deposit is not at risk until you are ready and able to purchase the property.
  • Utility assessments? Are there any unpaid balances?
  • Every area is different, many areas (North Fort Myers is one) have multiple utility (water and/or sewer) providers.

Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent? Help overcome setbacks.

Every real estate transaction will have some difficulties, trials and even some tribulations. How you react to them is important.

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Subject: Should you hire a buyer’s agent?

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