How Can I Reduce Noise in a House Near a School or Busy Street?

How Can I Reduce Noise in a House Near a School or Busy Street?

The ablity to reduce noise in a house can be a deal maker. Buyers may be reluctant to purchase a home near a busy street or school, making it difficult for realtors to sell. The potential for traffic noise from the busy street and playground noise from the school may be a deterrent for some purchasers, as they may feel that these ambient noises will still be heard inside of the home. Here are some ways that can help reduce the amount of noise you hear in your home.

How Can I Reduce Noise: Walls or Fencing

Walls or fences are a great way to help to reduce noise for a house near a school or a busy street. A brick wall or a wood or vinyl fence around the perimeter of the property, particularly in the area bordering the surrounding noisy places, will block out some ambient noise to create a quieter environment. Walls and fences are also great for creating privacy and limiting intruders as well.


Weatherproofing can also reduce noise in a house near a school or busy street. Sealing any gaps around window casings, doors and window air conditioning units will help to block out noise from outside. Not only will weatherproofing cut down on potential noise from a busy road or nearby school, sealing off any drafty areas will improve your home’s efficiency by keeping it cooler in summer and warmer during the colder months. Sealing around the windows, doors, and window air conditioners can also help to keep pests, such as insects and rodents, out of your home.

Insulation and drywall repair can also reduce noise. If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, and could clearly hear sounds and voices from the room next door, you’ve been a victim of poorly insulated, paper-thin walls. Experts advise that insulation, in particular, can reduce noise. Making sure that your walls are well insulated, and that the drywall is not damaged, will reduce noise from outside.

How Can I Reduce Noise: Windows Make a Difference

Another thing to help eliminate sound is to note how thick your windows are. Thin panes of glass do little to block out noise from outside of your house. By replacing windows with double-pane windows or laminated glass, you will reduce the amount of noise which filters into your home. Windows with thicker panes are also less likely to break which will save you money in the long run.

Thermal window treatments not only help to regulate the temperature inside of your home, but also the noise. While they do not block out noise completely, insulated drapes or curtains closed over a double-pane or laminated window can provide an extra level of sound protection. They will also protect furniture and floor treatment from the sun’s UV rays to limit discoloration or fading.

Everyone wants a peaceful home. Using one or more of the above strategies can potentially reduce noise coming from outside. A calm, quiet home is more comfortable for the homeowner, more appealing to the buyer, and easier to sell for the realtor.

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