Overlooked Home Features That Can Increase Market Value

Market Value

The focus of many home improvements is to increase market value. There are many factors that go into determining a home’s overall value. Some are obvious, such as size, school district quality, and property taxes, just to name a few. These major factors are often immutable and cannot be changed. However, all too often, people get caught up in these larger items but forget smaller ones. Many of these factors are very much within your control. To that end, here is a look at three factors that can make a real, positive impact on your home’s market value.

Increase Market Value: Change The View

A gorgeous view can be spectacular to look at, a perfect backdrop for a nighttime party, and a big boost to your property values. Sometimes, you are lucky and have a house at the peak of a gorgeous vista. Other times, you need to work to make those gorgeous sights a reality. Thankfully, there are ways to create beautiful views outside the window of every room if you have the flexibility. This often involves major landscaping and renovations, but it can be done.

Increase Market Value: Smart Home Compatibility

Smart-home compatible systems have become wildly popular as of late. While not everyone needs them, they have become a real selling point for many people, so much so that their mere presence has begun to increase home values. The cost of installing this compatibility can be cheap or more expensive, depending on the features that actually come with the systems. However, the benefits of a smart home compatible system, including climate control, security monitoring, and the ability to control electronic devices, are something that more and more homeowners have come to expect.


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