Tips for Spring Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

Exterior of Your Home

It’s typically not easy to tend to the exterior of your home when there is snow flying outside. Once the weather breaks, there are some tips that you can use to spring clean the outside of your home. This will not only help increase your curb appeal, but an exterior cleaning can also help protect the quality of your siding.

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home: Give the Siding Some TLC

Your siding can experience discoloration, faded colors, and damage over time. There are likely a number of issues that should be addressed when spring comes around. There are several benefits of washing your house to consider. Moss and other molds can grow on the siding if it gets neglected for too long. This can lead to permanent damage if you don’t take care of the problem. Any amount of moisture that gets through your siding can cause mold and rot on the structure of your property. Repairs will ensure that the weather will not cause internal damage to your home.

Clean and Repair Screens

Window screens allow you to let fresh air into your home. They also prevent bugs from getting inside. Even the smallest hole in your screens can lead to fleas, ticks and ants getting inside. After a long winter, you should assess the condition of your screens. Many small tears and holes can be repaired. If a large amount of damage has taken place, you may need to replace your screens to provide adequate protection to your home. Cleaning your screens will prevent dirt from blowing into your home when you first crack those windows open for the season.

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home: Patio Furniture, Decks and Patios

Aside from the actual structure of your home, there are other items that should be cleaned to protect their integrity. Your outdoor structures should be cleaned, such as the deck and patio. A pressure washer is frequently the best option for doing that. Just be sure that the right pressure is being used to prevent damage. Patio furniture can be cleaned to keep it looking nice and preserve its quality. A number of products can be used to effectively clean away dirt, dust, and grime. For example, a simple solution of Borax, dish soap, and water is great for cleaning cushions on outdoor furniture.

As spring weather arrives, you have the ability to clean up your yard and home. It’s a good idea to spend a little bit of time addressing things that need to be cleaned and repaired. Routine maintenance and repairs to your home will keep everything looking nice and in good shape for years to come.

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