3 Exterior Areas of Your Home to Fix Up Before Selling

3 Exterior Areas of Your Home to Fix Up Before Selling

Before you sell your home, it’s worth taking some time to make some improvements. Even minor improvements add to the price you can ask for because they enhance the property’s curb appeal, and curb appeal boosts the perceived value of a home. Here are three exterior areas of your home to fix up before selling.

Fix Up: The Driveway

Often, the first thing someone sees when they pull up to your home is the driveway. For this reason, it is in your best interest to ensure that it looks inviting. The driveway accentuates the landscaping, so if it is free of cracks, it looks new. It brightens up the surrounding spaces, too. Asphalt is recommended over concrete. No matter the material you pick, keep in mind that sealcoating protects asphalt pavement longer. The sealcoating is an added investment that protects the driveway. The exterior of your home experiences all of the elements year-round. A protective layer maintains the asphalt against the sun and rain.

The Garden

A great way to improve the exterior of your home before you try to sell it is to work on the garden. People enjoy gardens for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy spending their time planting. Others find it peaceful. So, give the next owner of your home the opportunity to marvel at something that is beautiful. To improve the garden, remove the weeds and debris. Then, set up a plan. It is a good idea to be organized. You can plant a tree and surround it with vibrant perennials. You can also add complementary shrubs. Your goal is to paint a picture of what life could be like living at your home.

Fix Up: The Roof

The roof of a house is extremely important. When you try to sell your house, the roof has to be in good shape. The least you should do is clean it. This means removing leaves and other debris that are sitting there. If any mold has developed, clear it up. You are also encouraged to clean the gutters. Any debris that is allowed to sit on a roof will eventually mix with the moisture. This makes slush that can easily develop mold and weaken the roof. It can also become home to various pests. It’s important to make sure you clean it often. Power washing it every so often can get rid of any silt or sand buildup that might cause problems.

Selling a home requires some work, preparation, and investment. However, it’s well worth it because fixing up the exterior helps improve the property’s curb appeal, which improves your ability to sell at a higher price.

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