Purchasing a Home in a Rural Area? Utilities That Might Not Be the Same

Purchasing a home in a rural area is exciting, and one in a lovely rural area, even moreso! You’re ready to settle in and get unpacked. But there might be some slight differences from city life which need to be fixed before you finish settling into your new space. To get everything flowing nicely and working well, you need all of your utilities on and have everything running smoothly.

Home in a Rural Area: Power

Making sure you know about power accessibility, especially in case of emergencies, is an important part of knowing how to care for your new home. In regions with variable power outages due to electrical storms or hurricanes, it’s critical to know who to call and how to make sure everything is back in shape. Your region might use an electric cooperative, in which case your rules and regulations might be different than in the city. Various grassroots cooperatives in our state have different ways of handling different outages. Being aware of your individual cooperative’s service rules is an important part of learning about your new community.


When moving into your new home, you will most likely have well water instead of city water. Care and maintenance of a well, however, is a new thing for many homeowners. The well should be inspected prior to closing the sale so you know what to expect from the property’s water source. The same is true of septic tanks, which also need inspection. You want to make sure that water moving into your home is clean and that it has no concerns with toxins or other issues in the groundwater. Likewise, you want water moving out of your new home to leave quietly and quickly with no roots or other barriers in the way.

Home in a Rural Area: Internet

In a Pandemic world, having accessibility to internet providers is critical for both work, education, and leisure time. Families rely on the internet, also, for primary phone services in many instances. You need to know whether your home will need a landline, and how fast internet service is into your new home. If, for example, or only older copper wires available for lower speed services, you might need to prepare additional options if you need to work remotely. Not every area has the same access, and you need to make sure the internet you have is what your family needs.

Your new home will absolutely be right for you, once you get everything squared away nicely and are prepared! Don’t forget to make your bed, unpack your kitchen first, and stock your new bathroom with toilet paper. Knowing you’ve done all your preparations for your utilities in advance will bring you peace of mind as you lie down to sleep in your new home!

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