Why Real Estate is a Good Investment Right Now

If you are looking to put your hard-earned cash into a good investment, you should seriously consider investing in real estate. Real estate is an attractive investment for multiple reasons. One of which is the fact that it is a tangible asset of enduring worth. Even when the economy drags, you may lose some of its worth, but the actual asset is undamaged. This moment, however, is a perfect time to enter the real estate investment field.

Why Real Estate is a Good Investment: Immediate Cash Flow

Unlike stocks, bonds, and other investments, an investment property can give you immediate cash flow. One of the simplest options is to buy a multi-family rental property. A few hundred thousand dollars down can secure a mortgage sufficient for a modest sized rental. Once the property is yours, all you need to do is manage it. You will start receiving income from rental payments and if these exceed your mortgage payment, that’s positive cash flow. You also get to enjoy the benefits of increased property value over time. You can use this to leverage equity loans to finance further investments.

Financing Options

One of the most important factors to consider is the interest rate that current mortgages are offering. The higher the interest rate, the larger your mortgage payment is going to be. This can significantly reduce your margins for profit. The mortgage market right now offers record-low interest rates. That means that if you can lock in the interest rate right now, you could finance an investment property with a potential for maximum profit.

Why Real Estate is a Good Investment: Current Demographics

Another key factor for real estate investors is demographics. For those interested in rental properties, it’s best if there are a large group of people looking to rent. Right now, that is exactly the case. There is a huge wave of baby boomers that are starting to look into retirement. They are downsizing their homes and looking for a rental to live in through their golden years. On top of that, the upcoming millennial generation tends to prefer renting over buying. This is in large part because millennials tend to change jobs and move around more than previous generations. Not wanting to be tied down by a house and mortgages, they opt to rent instead. The combined trend of the millennials and baby boomers is creating a huge demand for rental properties.

The trick to smart investing is to recognize when a good deal is on the table. A poor investor will tell you to just wait and see. Unfortunately, by the time waiting is over, the deal has disappeared. The current situation is prime for investing, but it won’t hang around forever. Educate yourself and act fast before your chances are gone.

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