What Your Home Maintenance Priorities Should Be During the Winter

This blog is intended to help our snowbirds friends because we all know the winter in SWFL is amazing!  Surviving the winter can be a difficult task, but with the proper maintenance priorities, you can make it something worthwhile and satisfying. Prioritizing your winter maintenance will help you take care of your home in the best way possible while also giving yourself the chance to enjoy all the beauty and fun that comes with the winter season.

What Your Home Maintenance Priorities Should Be During the Winter: Reduce Heat Loss

The first priority each winter should be making your home more efficient by preventing heat loss. Heat is generally lost through gaps and cracks that let in cold air and through uncovered windows. Take time at the beginning of winter to insulate doorways and windows and caulk over any cracks that let in breezes. Investing in high quality drapes or other window coverings can also help you prevent heat loss and keep your house warm without needing to spend a bunch of extra money on your utility bills through the winter months. There is no reason you should have to suffer through a freezing winter or spend too much on utilities when you can prevent the loss of heat and stay warm in the process.

Prevent Water Damage

Another big concern during the winter is the potential for water damage. Because temperatures fluctuate in the winter and snow can quickly become moving water, protecting from water damage, especially in your basement, is essential. Lawn grading can direct water away from your basement. You can also go through your basement to winterize and seal any cracks you may see. The roof can also be damaged by large amounts of melting snow, so be sure to clear out your gutters. This will keep your home warm, dry, and damage free throughout the winter.

What Your Home Maintenance Priorities Should Be During the Winter: Protect Your Pipes

As water is known to expand when frozen, leading to burst pipes and other problems, insulating and caring for your pipes in the winter can save a lot of headache. Carefully insulate pipes to protect them from the cold. It can also be helpful to turn off outside water sources before temperatures drop and keep warm water running through your pipes throughout the winter months. A burst pipe can cause a huge amount of damage, but they are easy to avoid if you take care to maintain them each winter.

Taking care of your winter maintenance priorities will keep your house running smoothly this winter and prevent potential damage throughout the season. Stay on top of these maintenance tasks to make this winter a little less stressful.

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