Major Home Expenses and How to Cut Them

Major Home Expenses and How to Cut Them

A lot of people are feeling the economic pinch that’s come on as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s only normal to look for ways to reduce major home expenses. Considering how considerable an expense owning a home can be, identifying major expenses related to homeownership and finding ways to reduce them can be a very good move to make.

Major Home Expenses and How to Cut Them: Insurance

Carrying homeowners insurance isn’t technically a legal requirement. Depending on what the terms and conditions of your mortgage are, you still may be obligated to carry it. Obligations or no, having homeowners insurance is smart, though it can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, you may be able to reduce how much you pay for it. Some insurance companies will discount the cost of insurance if you have a good credit score. If you don’t have a good one, take steps to improve your credit score. Take a closer look at your policy while you’re at it. Make sure you aren’t paying for more coverage than you need. It doesn’t hurt to shop around for better rates either.


Utilities are a normal part of owning a home. If you use them a lot, though, you could feel like you’re paying an arm and a leg each month. In extreme circumstances, you may find yourself debating between paying for electricity and other necessities. The simple solution to reducing these costs is to use less of your utilities. Even something as simple as turning off the lights and shutting off faucets when they aren’t being used can add up and make a difference. Adjust where you set the thermostat and your water heater for greater savings. If you live somewhere with ample sunlight, consider installing solar panels. Homeowners who use a lot of electricity tend to benefit most from solar panels.

Major Home Expenses and How to Cut Them: Mortgage

Homes are arguably the biggest expense most people will have in their lives and therefore require financing. Paying back your mortgage isn’t optional, but depending on where you’re at you may qualify to refinance it. Refinancing your mortgage gives you a few options. First, you can reduce the term of the loan. This will increase your monthly payments, but you’ll have it paid off sooner which frees up the money that was going towards the payment. Second, you can extend the term of the loan. This can decrease your monthly payments, giving your more breathing room in the short term, but will likely result in you paying more in the long run. Third, you may be able to negotiate for a better interest rate, which can save you money. Which option works best will depend on your specific circumstances.

Owning a home is expensive, and finding ways to reduce those expenses can be one of the better ways to find some breathing room in the household budget. Insurance, utilities, and the mortgage are some of the major expenses. Find ways to reduce these and other household costs to make it easier to live within your means.

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