Why You’re Struggling to Fill Your Rental Units

Why You're Struggling to Fill Your Rental Units

You have done your preparation. You have a great location, and a beautiful, clean unit. Repairs have been made, and you’re all ready. Except…You’re Struggling to Fill Your Rental Units. Why are you struggling to fill your rental units, and keep them filled?

Why You’re Struggling to Fill Your Rental Units: You’re Charging Too Much

Your potential renters are comparison shopping, and so should you if you want to be priced correctly. It’s important to know what the market is like in your specific area. You might know about all of your amenities, and that you’re a responsive property manager, but you have to also get people in the door. Even if your property is magnificent, if it’s not in a hot rental market, or not being listed correctly with similar properties, renters will not come to look.

You Aren’t Marketing Properly

Your rental is a business, and to get it inhabited, you need to think like the business person that you are. Your rentals need to be listed properly to be appealing. Likewise, your business, including how you manage the property, wants to have good reviews. Word-of-mouth matters immensely, and renters want to know that you’re responsive as well as responsible. Reviews are an important part of rental management because many renters will pay more for well-reviewed units.

Why You’re Struggling to Fill Your Rental Units: Neighbors

If you’re interviewing and finding plenty of folks to view your listing, but not getting any luck in finding renters, there might be another issue at play. Look to units nearby that are listed. Are they particularly noisy? Is there any marker that’s turning off potential renters, like trash everywhere or damage to doors or windows in houses nearby? For renters, who intend to stay in a unit as long as possible, a neighborhood matters. They want to know they will be safe and can live in relative amounts of peace. Their children need to be able to safely play. You cannot control all aspects, especially if your rental is one of many in an area. But, whatever aspects are causing the complication, you can attempt to mitigate.

No matter how great you are as a property manager or landlord, there are factors that can change your unit’s rentability factor. Doing your best to work with other landlords to promote a safe, healthy community helps your bottom line! Market well, and make sure you know pricing in your area. Doing these things will help you to succeed.

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