3 Ways to Improve Your Curbside Appeal

3 Ways to Improve Your Curbside Appeal

What makes your home an asset? The simple answer is that it’s an asset when it makes you money. The most common time for a home to be an actual asset is when it’s being sold. How much it sells for depends on a variety of things, including what potential buyers think it’s worth. Curbside appeal is what creates that first impression, so it’s important to get it right. So what can you do to improve your curb appeal?

Ways to Improve Your Curbside Appeal: Enhance Landscaping

When someone buys your house, they aren’t just buying the house. They’re buying the property it’s on as well. That means that your landscaping should be in top shape to make a good impression and frame your home nicely. Take good care of your grass so it’s nice and green and lush. Trim any hedges or bushes so they are neat and tidy. Edge the lawn, plant some fresh flowers, and make sure any pathways are in good condition.

Fix Cosmetic Issues

Your home’s exterior is constantly exposed to the elements. Over time this can result in a variety of cosmetic issues that can make your home look a little more drab and a little less fab than it should. Paving can fix cracks to help your driveway look more appealing. Touching up the paint on your siding or having it redone altogether can give your home’s look a new lease on life. Even just repainting your trim a different color can help your home stand out more.

Ways to Improve Your Curbside Appeal: Give Your Home a Thorough Cleaning

Perhaps one of the easiest problems to deal with when trying to improve your curb appeal is a dirty exterior. Washing your siding can brighten it up and help it avoid looking dingy. Similarly, giving your roof a thorough cleaning can boost its appearance and help your home look its best from the top down. Make sure you wash your windows too. A crystal clear window can make your home sparkle. For extra pizazz, remove the screens to create an even clearer look.


Improving your curb appeal is a simple enough concept, though it takes plenty of work to execute. Enhancing your landscaping, fixing cosmetic issues, and thoroughly cleaning the exterior of the house are a few categories of things that you can do to help your home make the best first impression possible. Take inventory of what your home needs now so you can get started as soon as possible.

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