How to Make a Home Buying Decision You Won’t Regret

How to Make a Home Buying Decision You Won’t Regret

A home is often the biggest purchase a person ever makes. For that reason, your home buying decision is to never be made lightly—but at some point, it must be made. To ensure you are picking the right home at the right time, make sure to follow these three pieces of advice!

Make a Home Buying Decision You Won’t Regret: Take Your Time

The biggest and most important thing is to never rush into buying a home. Long before you find the house of your dreams you should be getting loan preapproval, saving for a down payment, and if needed, building up your credit. Without the house buying pre-checklist done, you are much more likely to get into an investment that long term will end up being more expensive or even lower quality than you might otherwise. You also need time, even once you’re looking at houses, to research what exactly you’re looking for. That includes size, amenities, neighborhood, schooling, and accessibility, among others.

Get an Appraisal

When you’ve found what seems to be the right home for you, you might still feel regrets later without first having it assessed for true market value. What an appraisal can tell you is the estimate of a house’s worth now and down the line. No matter what a seller says a property is worth, hearing the unbiased opinion of a professional is a lot more important to ensure you’re investing the right amount, and can even convince a seller to lower their price accordingly with the appraisal given. Lenders are also required to obtain an appraisal before approving a loan. You’ll need it done during the loan approval process anyway—best to know before now before learning later!

Make a Home Buying Decision You Won’t Regret: Consider Your Budget

To really make sure you have no regrets, it is best to budget the amount of monthly mortgage payment you could pay right now, and look for houses accordingly. Too often people buy above their price range after falling in love with a property, simply because they didn’t budget for a house properly beforehand to realize it. Making sure you know truly what price you can handle on a month-to-month basis, and searching for houses only within that price range, will save you a lot of trouble and pain later when you find yourself “house poor.”


You can’t predict the future. But you can make preemptive choices long before settling on a house that will ensure it is the correct one. Follow these three tips, and you and your house will have a long, happy life together!


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