Trends Every Homeowner Should Care About

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When you are looking at the housing market, there are a few things you should be thinking about. You may notice trends in design and trends in price, but you should also be thinking about the less obvious trends in the housing market. How do outside market forces affect what people want in a home? Why are you looking for a home right now?

Trends Every Homeowner Should Care About: A Shift to the Suburbs

With a surge in violent riots over the last summer causing a lot of conflict, many people have decided that they don’t want to live in downtown, urban areas anymore. On top of that, the pandemic has caused a lot of people to save their money so they can put it toward a fancy new house.

Shifting to the suburbs is a huge trend right now. You may even be planning to move for the same reason. Suburbs provide all the convenience of the urban area with the mix of community and nature that rural areas offer. It’s the perfect middle ground for most people.

Sustainable Building

Environmental talk has grown to an all-time high. People are becoming more cautious about the type of energy and how much they use. On top of that, there are financial benefits to using alternative forms of energy and in using different materials in a home’s construction. Over time, you’ll find more companies offering eco-friendly options.

Sustainable construction follows Energy Star guidelines to reduce CO2 emissions. If this is a priority for you, make sure you find a construction company that is willing to follow these standards. You’ll use less energy and be better off for it.

Trends Every Homeowner Should Care About: Low Maintenance Landscaping

Having a low maintenance yard might look different for each homeowner, but xeriscaping is a great environmentally friendly option. Xeriscaping is a landscaping method that uses drought resistant and native plants, mulch, and optimize your placement of plants to minimize both your water bill and your time spent maintaining your property. Using Florida native plants help you to have a yard full of fauna already adapted to local conditions and are also simply more sustainable.

These trends are each significant in their own way. If you have a specific need you would like to see filled regardless of it being a trend for other buyers, think about it during your search.

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