How to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Rainfall

How to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rainfall is going to happen at some point where you live, and if you want your house to make it through heavy rains without taking on water damage, then you need to take steps to prepare. The truth is your home is likely not designed to withstand heavy rainfall if it wasn’t built in the last ten years. If you are like most homeowners, you don’t even know where to start when trying to protect your home from heavy rainfall. Here are three steps that you can take to prepare your home to withstand heavy rainfall.

Seal Your Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors are one of the weakest points of your home, and often when rainwater makes it into a home, it is because the windows and doors were the source of the leak. You can seal your windows and doors professionally so that they are able to withstand the pressures of a heavy storm. Your windows and doors are your weak link, fortify it to protect your home. Sealing your doors is a relatively inexpensive process and can be completed in an afternoon by a professional.

How to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Rainfall: Clear Your Gutters

Another crucial step that you must take to fully protect your home from heavy rainfalls is to clear your gutters before a heavy rainfall. Your gutters are designed to carry rain to drainage areas away from areas where it may get to your home. Your gutters must be clean and clear to do this job. No matter how much you maintain them, eventually you’ll need to replace your gutters. If your gutters leak or have holes, you should have them replaced immediately so that your home is best able to resist heavy rainfall. Gutters are not an option, they are a necessity, so take care of them.

Trim Your Trees

The final step that you should take to prepare your home for heavy rainfall is to trim your trees around your house. Oftentimes, water damage during heavy rainfall isn’t caused directly by rain, but by a fallen tree branch making a hole in the roof. If you have tall trees near your property, you should make sure that you trim any branches that pose an immediate threat to your property. In the battle of house versus tree, tree wins every time.

If you want your house to make it through a heavy rainfall without water damage, then you need to prepare it. There are a few key essentials that you have to do to prep your home. Make sure you have taken these three steps to keep your home safe during heavy rainfall.

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