What To Do When You Have Storm Damage to Your Home

What To Do When You Have Storm Damage to Your Home

Your home is there to protect you and your family from harm and the outside world. The home is a sanctuary where you get to escape the harsh realities of the natural world and stay safe and comfortable. But sometimes the power of nature is too strong, and your home will take on storm damage. In fact, storm damage is one of the most common types of home damage anywhere in the world. Here are a few steps that you should take when you have storm damage to your home to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

What To Do When You Have Storm Damage to Your Home: Assess the Damage

The first step to take when you have storm damage to your home is to assess the damage. Once the storm has passed and there is no threat to your safety or the safety of others, you should try and locate all areas that have damage. Thompson Creek suggests taking pictures and document the damage; it will be helpful later on when working with insurance and repairs. You should make sure to check the roof, gutters, siding, and any low-lying areas of your home that may have taken on water damage to ensure that you have located all the damage.

File a Claim

The next step to successfully handling your home’s storm damage is to file a claim with your insurance company. Homeowners insurance should cover most if not all of the repairs for your home’s storm damage, making a homeowners insurance policy a really great investment. But keep in mind that each policy is different, make sure you understand your policy. According to American Roofing, most insurance policies will pay for a new roof if it’s less than 20 years old. You should be replacing your roof every so often to ensure that your insurance is covering your roof.

What To Do When You Have Storm Damage to Your Home: Make Repairs

The final step to taking care of your home’s storm damage is to make the necessary repairs to get your home fixed. Work closely with your insurance company to ensure that your repairs are covered by your policy. It is during this step that you need to have great documentation of your damage to show to contractors and repair people so they can get an accurate idea of the scale of repairs and the work that needs to be done.

When your home takes on storm damage, you may not know what to do next. But luckily, the steps are pretty straight forward. If you do these three things, you can rest assured that your storm damage will be handled quickly and safely.

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