How to Make Your Home Look Great Without Grass

How to Make Your Home Look Great Without Grass

Do you love the look of a manicured yard but don’t love the hassle of mowing, watering, and caring for grass? Luckily, there are lots of modern designs for yards that don’t include grass and still look carefully designed and fashionable. Here are a few tips that will help you to make your home look great without grass.

How to Make Your Home Look Great Without Grass: Use Gravel

One option is that you can use gravel to cover your yard space instead of grass. Gravel is an affordable alternative to grass and is quite easy to care for. Make sure that you lay down some plastic sheeting before you put down the gravel. This will help to prevent weeds from growing up through your gravel. If you notice that leaves or debris end up mixed in with your gravel, just use a rake or leaf blower to remove the debris. 

Make sure that you choose a color, size, and style of gravel that will match your home and look great in your yard space. Gravel isn’t always the most comfortable choice if you have kids running around in your yard, but it will look manicured and professional.

Lay Down Mulch

If you don’t want to worry about cleaning up gravel, consider using mulch for your yard instead. Mulch adds some natural, earthy tones to your yard, which can break up all of the neutral colors from your cement and house. You can put mulch in your different flower beds to create a high-end manicured look around your trees, bushes, plants, and flowers. 

Even plain mulch in contained beds will look better than the raw dirt and stone of a construction home lot. Mulch is an excellent choice for fall curb appeal.

How to Make Your Home Look Great Without Grass: Add Stone and Water Features

Another option for a beautiful, grass-free yard is to add stone and water features to your space. You can create a winding stone path to add some variation to the different parts of your yard. Use bigger stones and rocks to create features such as seating, a fire pit, a stream, and more. Then, you can add a water feature to the head of your stream to make a beautiful flowing waterfall that will create a peaceful trickle of water in your yard. You can use a stone to create a large variety of yard designs that will be easy to maintain and beautiful to look at.

So, if you have an unfinished yard that has been driving you crazy, don’t feel like you have to give into the temptation to fill it with grass sod. Instead, remember these ideas and use gravel, lay down mulch, or add stone and water features. These different yard elements will help you to create a designer-worthy yard that you’ll love to spend time in.

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