What to Know About Choosing a Closing Date

What to Know About Choosing a Closing Date

There are two essential steps when it comes to completing a home sale. First, the purchase needs to take place. Then, at some point, the closing date occurs when the official, legal ownership of the property is transferred to the new individual. But when exactly should that happen? Here is what you need to know about choosing a closing date.

What to Know About Choosing a Closing Date: The Best and Worst Times to Close

You need to be careful that the closing date works with your schedule. Don’t just pick a date without carefully considering it first. Make sure that you have nothing going on that would get in the way. Once you have an idea of when it could be you need to be careful about what day of the week would work best, as well as what time of day. 

It’s best to avoid Monday and Friday – instead of completing the transaction on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. This way you avoid issues relating to weekend hours. Closing can take quite some time, so start it earlier in the day.

Negotiate the Date

You’re going to need to decide the date and time with the other party in the transaction. Both the seller and the buyer need to be on the same page. Everybody is going to have different degrees of flexibility. Both sides are going to want to double-check that the decided date works for them once an option has been tentatively selected. 

Non-traditional situations can alter the closing date as well; selling your home to a cash buyer lets you select a flexible closing date. Agents can be helpful when it comes to negotiating and organizing. Don’t worry – closing dates can be adjusted after negotiations, if necessary.

What to Know About Choosing a Closing Date: Come Prepared

Closing involves a lot of paperwork. You’re going to want to come prepared, with all of your documents and research done beforehand so you know what is required of you. An agent will be helpful in this situation. They will likely tell both parties exactly what they need to bring in order to have it go as smoothly as possible. The buyer in the transaction should keep in mind that they should schedule any sort of cleaning crews or contractors to come by the house the day after the closing, since it may take far longer than you might expect.

If you don’t have an agent, make sure you prepare accordingly. Talk to the other party in the transaction. Communication is key when it comes to completing the closing process smoothly and quickly. Be as accommodating as possible.

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